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Social Skills Group 

    Our group sessions help your child to build their social skills in a safe and conducive environment. In the group sessions, we focus mainly on getting the students to practise the social skills taught, through fun games and activities.


In our curriculum, the social skills are broken down into small parts to ensure that the students build strong foundation in understanding and applying these skills. 

What to expect?

Every month, we will have a theme of the month. Examples of the themes are, "Perspective Taking", "Using social media responsibly", "Doing Groupwork", etc. 

The students will learn social and coping skills on issues relating to the theme of the month.

Every quarterly, we have social outing, where they learn social skills in the varied social settings. One of our social outing is doing playdates at each other's house, where the students learn to display appropriate social behaviours as a guest and as a host.


Besides learning, we seek to create lots of fun and enjoyable social experience for the students!


We use Social Thinking curriculum when teaching interaction and perspective taking skills. 

Parent Feedback

Every quarterly, the parents will be gathered to watch videos of the group sessions . They will be given feedback of the child's learning and progress, as well as being shared strategies that we used in the group sessions.

Our groups are on-going as we continue to support the children and youths while their environment continue to have increasing social demand!


The groups are mainly run by Cindy and Jacqueline for the past 1.5 years. We take turns to run all the groups. 





Currently running...

Saturday Groups


  • Age: 16-18 years old

       Saturday @ 10:15 am


  • Age: 16 years old onwards

       Saturday @ 1:30 pm 

         (Email us to be on the waiting list!) 


Sunday Groups

  • Age: 20 years old onwards

       Sunday @ 1:30 pm

Two more spaces left!
Two more spaces left!
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